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Recovering Deleted Files From Your Git Working Tree

Git is designed to assure us that we can track a projectas files at different points in time. But it doesnat assure us that those files are always safe along the way. For those of you who have dealt with the sinking feeling that youave irrevocably deleted and lost files, Sanmi has a couple of approaches that, in the right situations, may help bring them back.

Cold Days, Shining Lights (December 2023 Wallpapers Edition)

Could there be a better way to welcome the new month than with a collection of desktop wallpapers? Weave got some eye-catching designs to sweeten up the last few weeks of the year and, if youare celebrating, to get you in the holiday mood.

Crafting A Killer Brand Identity For A Digital Product

In this article, Sasha guides you through crucial processes and factors to achieve a consistent brand presence across platforms. She offers an overview of the entire brand identity process, explores collaboration with UI teams, and provides essential details on the assets required for the successful implementation of a digital brand.

A Few Ways CSS Is Easier To Write In 2023

Weare living in somewhat of a CSS renaissance with new features, techniques, experiments, and ideas coming at us to an extent we havenat seen since aCSS3a. Itas easy to feel overwhelmed when your profession seems to be advancing at breakneck speed, but Geoff Graham considers the ways amoderna CSS in 2023 has actually made CSS aeasiera to write.

An Introduction To Full Stack Composability

A well-designed composable system should not only consider the technical aspects but also take into account the nature of the content it handles. To help us with that, we can use a Headless Content Management system such as Storyblok.

CSS Responsive Multi-Line Ribbon Shapes (Part 2)

In Part 1 of the series, Temani Afif demonstrated how creating ribbon patterns in CSS has evolved with the availability of new CSS features. In this second installment of this brief two-part series, we look at two additional ribbon variations that introduce techniques for masking a repeated background gradient in CSS.

Creating And Maintaining A Voice Of Customer Program

Product teams benefit from knowing their usersa needs and how they respond to product updates as they build out the roadmap of a product. This article covers Voice of Customer programs and is aimed at those who work on a product team as well as executives who are looking for how to better inform your products using insight from users.

An Efficient Design-to-Code Handoff Process Using Uno Platform For Figma

Effective collaboration between designers and developers is vital to creating good user experiences. However, bridging the handoff between design and development with the many tools and workflows available today has its pitfalls. Matthew Mattei introduces you to the Uno Platform, which offers a robust set of productivity boosters.

CSS Responsive Multi-Line Ribbon Shapes (Part 1)

Ribbons have been used to accent designs for many years now. But, the way we approach them in CSS has evolved with the introduction of newer features. In this article, Temani Afif combines background and gradient tricks to create ribbon shapes in CSS that are not only responsive but support multi-line text and are easily adjustable with a few CSS variables.

Designing Web Design Documentation

Words alone arenat enough to safeguard best practices in the world of web design and development. Web design documentation must be like its medium — interactive and constantly evolving.

Creating Accessible UI Animations

Animation and accessibility are often seen as two separate powers at odds with one another. How is it possible to strike a balance between elements that move and the possible negative effects they expose to users who are sensitive to motion? Oriana GarcAa explains how her team at Mercado Libre tackled the challenge by creating guiding principles for applying animation to user interfaces and incorporating them into the teamas design system.

WordPress Playground: From 5-Minute Install To Instant Spin-Up

WordPress Playground began as an experiment to see what a self-hosted WordPress experience might look like without the requirement of having to actually install WordPress. A year later, the experiment has evolved into a full-fledged project. Ganesh Dahal demonstrates how WordPress Playground works and gets deep into how it might be used.

Addressing Accessibility Concerns With Using Fluid Type

The CSS `clamp()` function is often paired with viewport units for afluida font sizing that scales the text up and down at different viewport sizes. As common as this technique is, several voices warn that it opens up situations where text can fail WCAG Success Criterion 1.4.4, which specifies that text should scale up to at least 200% when the useras browser reaches its 500% maximum zoom level. Max Barvian takes a deep look at the issue and offers ideas to help address it.

In Search Of The Ideal Privacy Icon

Icons are capable of enhancing the content that surrounds them, but they have to be self-explanatory for that to happen. We have icons for things we like (a thumbs up), things we can share (a box topped with an up arrow), and even for protection against malicious online attacks (a shield), but what are the options we have for representing aprivacya?

Answering Common Questions About Interpreting Page Speed Reports

Take a closer look at how various performance tools audit and report on performance metrics, such as core web vitals. Geoff Graham answers a set of common questions that pop up during performance audits.

Tales Of November (2023 Wallpapers Edition)

November is just around the corner, and with it, a new collection of desktop wallpapers to celebrate the beginning of the month. Designed by creatives from all across the globe, they come in versions with and without a calendar. Letas make this November colorful!

Passkeys: A No-Frills Explainer On The Future Of Password-Less Authentication

Passkeys are beginning to make their way into popular apps, from password managers to multi-factor authenticators, but what exactly are they? As this new technology promises to make passwords a thing of the past, Neal Fennimore explains the concepts behind passkeys, demonstrates how they work, and speculates what we might expect from them in the future.

What I Wish I Knew About Working In Development Right Out Of School

Victoria Johnson began a career in front-end development upon graduating from college. Now, roughly one year later, she reflects back on the decisions she made to crack into the field and find her first full-time job. This is her story, and sheas sharing it to provide those who are just starting out with another beginneras perspective.

An Actionable And Reliable Usability Questionnaire With Only 7 Items: Inuit

Inuit (short for a**In**terface **U**sability **I**nstrumen**t**a) is a new questionnaire you can use to assess the usability of your user interface. It has been designed to be more diagnostic than existing usability instruments like, e.g., SUS and for use with machine learning, all the while asking fewer questions than other questionnaires. This article explores how and why Inuit has been developed and why we can be sure that it actually measures usability, and reliably so.

The Fight For The Main Thread

Having access to a free reporting tool like Lighthouse in DevTools is a great start for diagnosing performance issues by identifying bottlenecks on the main thread. Even better are paid tools like [SpeedCurve]( to dig deeper into the data for more targeted insights and to produce visual reports to help make a case for performance improvements for your team and other stakeholders.

What Removing Object Properties Tells Us About JavaScript

Removing properties from an object in JavaScript might not be the most exciting job, but there are many ways to achieve it, each revealing a fundamental aspect of how JavaScript works. Juan Diego RodrAguez explores each technique in this article.

A Roundup Of WCAG 2.2 Explainers

WCAG 2.2 officially became a aW3C Recommendeda web standard on October 5, 2023, and with it, new success criteria and changes to existing guidelines for accessible user experiences. What are the changes, and how can you conform to them? This roundup provides links to WCAG 2.2 explainers that have been published or updated since the release.

How To Choose Typefaces For Fintech Products: Best Practices Guide (Part 2)

Finding the right typeface is tricky as a whole. Dividing the process into steps and having the right information at hand will make this journey a design adventure full of surprises. To avoid sinking into unnecessary details, use this guide as a map for your path. Review various font paraments and learn how to apply them to your designs.

How To Animate Along A Path In CSS

CSS loaders and progress indicators are some of the most widely used examples in tutorials and documentation. In this article, Preethi demonstrates an approach using animated custom properties, a conic gradient, CSS `offset`, and emoji to create the illusion of a scooter racing along a donut track.

Smashing Podcast Episode 66 With Ethan Marcotte: What Is A Tech Union?

In todayas Smashing Podcast episode, weare talking about Tech Unions. What part can unions play in a modern tech workplace? Drew McLellan talks to Ethan Marcotte to find out.

Gatsby Headaches: Working With Media (Part 2)

In the final part of this two-part series on solving headaches when working with media files in Gatsby projects, Juan Rodriguez demonstrates strategies and techniques for handling various types of documents, including Markdown files, PDFs, and 3D models.

How To Choose Typefaces For Fintech Products: Our Best Practices Guide (Part 1)

Fintech products are systems that are overloaded by many types of data like numerals, texts, spreadsheets, and so on. Working with these products requires the designer to pay a high level of attention and responsibility, as he becomes a provider between user and data. Daria shares her approach to digital product typography and reviews the key points to consider when choosing typefaces.

Everything I Know About UX Research I First Learned From Lt. Columbo

Working in the area of UX sometimes feels like a crime drama. Canat believe it? Then look at these fun parallels between modern UX practices and a classical TV detective.

A High-Level Overview Of Large Language Model Concepts, Use Cases, And Tools

Discuss the concept of large language models (LLMs) and how they are implemented with a set of data to develop an application. Joas compares a collection of no-code and low-code apps designed to help you get a feel for not only how the concept works but also to get a sense of what types of models are available to train AI on different skill sets.

Gatsby Headaches: Working With Media (Part 1)

Discover how to incorporate a variety of media formats, such as images, videos, GIFs, SVGs, and so on, in a Gatsby website. Juan Rodriguez shares what heas learned about optimizing files for improved performance after working with different plugins and techniques.

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